Axolotls For Sale

Have you read through axolotl online, including the axolotl feeding and housing guides and decided that you would love to own an axolotl of your own? Well you might just be in luck!

If you are located in Australia, it may be possible for us to ship an axolotl to you. We have juvenile axolotls at different times of the year and this page will be updated often with our current axolotls for sale. If we do not have any axolotls for sale or you are not located within Australia then we may be able to help you source an axolotl from somewhere else.

Current Axolotls for Sale

We currently have NO axolotls for sale. Please check back another time, or read the information below on other ways to purchase an axolotl.

Other Sources for Axolotls

Axolotl for saleThere are many other ways to purchase axolotls. One of them being to purchase from pet stores as axolotls are often commonly available, although prices vary greatly from country to country and even from pet store to pet store. Be wary though, there have been reports of people purchasing other types of salamander from pet stores who have incorrectly labelled them as axolotls and have ended up with their so-called axolotl morphing and living on land – if this were to really happen to an axolotl it would be an incredibly rare occurrence and shorten it’s life span considerably.

An alternative way to find axolotl for sale is through fish keeping forums, obviously the best forum to find axolotls would be As well as being the host of the extremely knowledgable online axolotl community, Caudata has a section in which people post axolotls for sale for all different areas of the globe. This is probably one of your best chances at finding a good quality axolotl.

Note that pet stores are often ill-equipped to handle axolotls and will keep them with fish and other aquatic creatures that might eat their gills or pass diseases onto them. We recommend that if you see an axolotl in a poor condition in your local pet you find an alternative source to purchase an axolotl. While it may be tempting to try and ‘save’ the axolotl, by purchasing it you are proving to the pet store that they can get away with treating them badly and still selling them.

Another good way to find axolotls for sale is through local classifieds such as the trading post, Craigslist and Gumtree. People who are raising juvenile axolotls often post them up for sale at cheaper prices than a pet store.