Axolotl Housing

Axolotls are NOT fish, they are amphibians just like frogs and newts. Axolotl tanks need a slightly different setup opposed to their fishy friends.

An adult axolotl can grow to lengths of 30cm. They need more space than your average fish. The generally accepted rule is 38L (10 gal.) of water per axolotl;  a tank of around 90cm (3ft) it is recommended that you can keep two adult axolotls, a tank of 120cm (4ft) will allow you room for three adult axolotls and so on. Note that these are recommendations and tanks of 4-5 feet or larger may be able to hold more axolotls than the above recommendations depending on other factors such as water capacity and tank width & depth.

Visit the pages below to learn how you can successfully house your axolotl.

i. What You Will Need

ii. Cycling Your Tank

iii. Water Parameters